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Join our Discord Server!

Here at the PsychoCraft forums, we have moved our chat room to our public Discord server!


Our forum has been integrated with our Discord server. (What does that mean?)
This means, you can login to our forum with your Discord account, after linking.
By linking your accounts, you will also confirm your user within the community.
This will help to prevent impersonation of staff/members and other such trolling.

Another goodie with linking your accounts, is that you can use it to login on our forums!
Whenever you are logged in to Discord on your browser, you can click Log in with Discord.
If you have 2FA enabled, you will still be asked to enter your codes, so there are no hacks.

How do I link my accounts together? Linking your accounts is very simple, just follow thru.
Just log in to the forum and head to your External Accounts manager in the user panel.
Scroll down to the Discord Integration section and follow the steps to link your account.
You will be asked to give Kelly permission to view your account , make sure to authorize her.
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